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Make a Difference As A New Member

Question: What can I do as a member of this great Church to ensure that St. John Missionary
Baptist Church is Ministering to the Misery of the Masses with the Mercy of the Master?

Answer: As a member of St. John Missionary Baptist Church, I will commit to the following  
Member Goals:

  • Reach two (2) for Christ (Evangelism)

  • Touch twenty (20) people with the love of Christ through donating my time, talent or
    treasure (Extension)

  • Participate in Worship Service at least once weekly (Exaltation)

  • Complete a minimum of twenty-five (25) hours of Christian education studies

  • Pray for at least two (2) unsaved people in your family daily. (Evangelism)

  • Build five (5) new relationships with members of your church family that you do not
    know. (Extension)

  • Give God back 10% of your earnings in tithes so that our Church will have the
    resources it needs to effectively reach the lost. (Stewardship)

  • Take advantage of ministry opportunities and become equipped to serve in ministry.

  • Because I am committed to the Vision of St. John Missionary Baptist Church, I agree to
    join with my Church family in “becoming a compassionate Christian empowered by
    Christ to reach beyond the walls of the Church building to meet the holistic needs of our
    community!” In all of this, Christ will be glorified and magnified.
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